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TNEC takes initiative in working within global marketplaces. We take an in-depth analysis of your company, brand, and/or talent; and redirect non-profitable sectors by strategically initiating alternative revenue platforms. This revenue model allows companies to find alternative profitable streamlines while continuing to develop and enhance their primary revenue platforms overall. We offer deep industry experience and innovation across multiple platforms while offering full service options from development to execution of your next project. Together, we are the media, we are the market, we make things happen, together.

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Our approach streamlines experiential ways to build specialized, engaging, and personalized relationships within new generation audiences. We cultivate strategies and campaigns directly to the right audiences, markets and brands for them to come to you.

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We utilize every strategy, initiative, and opportunity as a formula to capitalize on bridging the gap between brands and consumers by relentlessly focusing on the needs, desires and ideas currently sweeping the World today. We drive excellence in all directions and bring expertise and proven results into helping our clients develop strategic insights to achieve exceptional results.

Video Production Services

Unique specialization in bringing your thoughts, webinars, seminars, ideas and concepts to the screen. Our primary goal is to produce and provide quality videos and take the hassle away for our clients.

Event Planning, Campaigning and Coordinating

Extensive industry experience in the newest technologies, marketing tools and creative activations. From exclusive events, to corporate launches, we have the time management skills, scheduling capabilities, and organization concepts to make sure that your special moment, hour, and day is exactly how you want it. We take pride in our Planning, Preparation, and Execution.

Social Media

Expertise in the market trends, social media drivers along with analytical firepower. Everyone has a social media, we develop actionable comprehensive strategies that create exponential long-term results. We help you find your niche and make sure your social media is being used effectively and efficiently. #SocialMedia


A picture is worth more than a thousand words when you let us capture it. Private shoots, Exclusive events, and Social Media/Photo booth options are available for sporting events, corporate affairs, weddings, fashion shows, music festivals, global launches and individual independent projects and events as well.

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